Social Media Can Change Our Brains?


Wait, my phone just buzzed, let me see who’s that…Oh wait, that’s not even my phone. What’s that? The door?

Have you ever experienced that or something else alike before? If yes, then chances are you might be “sick” somehow as that is an evidence-proved syndrome called phantom vibration syndrome, which has recently be studied as a psychological phenomenon.

Social media is changing our lives in irreversible ways. While that is not necessarily equal to bad things, it may still bring things that we may not want. Here’s a funny video about ways that social media could change about our brains. It seemed alarmism at my first glance, but the 3-minute analysis based on mostly psychology and neuroscience really brought up a new perspective to look at the relationship between social media and human beings. And the phantom vibration syndrome is only part of the whole theory. Last but not least, use social media properly, for our own good.


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One Response to Social Media Can Change Our Brains?

  1. sydhavely says:

    Funny and no doubt has a basis in neuroscience. Love the phrase “phantom vibration syndrome.” Can see an SNL skit here. Great post.

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