Facebook Cracking Down on Fake News in France

Ahead of France’s national election, Facebook is taking a stance and cracking down on fake news. After the U.S election, Facebook admitted it was partly responsible for the spread of fake news which has led both Germany and France to take extra precautions. Heavily promoted fake articles claiming that Hilary Clinton was responsible for selling weapons to ISIS were believed by some intelligence agencies to be orchestrated by the Kremlin.

The social media giant is going after 30,000 phony accounts by utilizing automated technology to fish out inauthentic sites and shut them down. These automated methods identify patterns of content repeated on hundreds of fake sites without accessing the content iteself. It is also running fact-checking programs on its sites in hopes of finding and slowing down the distribution of false news. Although this will not entirely remove every fake account, Facebook is dedicated to help reduce the spread of inauthentic activity including spam, false information and other related data shared by the creators behind these accounts.

The company is also placing full page print ads with tips on spotting these untrustworthy accounts. These tips include carefully checking the URLs, dates, photos, and facts in the content they are reading before deciding whether it seems like a trusted source.

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One Response to Facebook Cracking Down on Fake News in France

  1. sydhavely says:

    Great post, Regina. I actually got one of these “how to spot fake news” tips from FB recently. As to France, wow. They’re on the cusp of a dramatic fork in the road in their upcoming presidential election, especially if Ms. Le Pen prevails.

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