13 Reasons Why Gone Viral

image.jpgIf you haven’t heard of 13 Reasons Why, you must not be very active on social media. This 13 episode series follows around high schooler Clay Jensen in his journey to uncover the story of his classmate’s suicide. The Netflix series was released on March 31, 2017 and has gone viral since.

According to Fizziology, 13 Reasons Why had over 3.5 million social media volume impressions in the first week of its release. There were 3,585,110 tweets about the show during that first week. It was the biggest social media presence out of any Netflix original series and films. Although popular, Fuller House had about 1.3 million in social volume. This series has gone viral on social media because viewers fall in love and can’t stop sharing and communicating about it. This brings a forever growing social media conversation. Twitter states that 13 Reasons Why is the most tweeted streaming show of the year.

Trend lead by Selena Gomez, fans are wearing cobalt blue nail polish support of the show. Wearing Sinful Colors Endless Blue raises awareness to the importance mental health. The show features powerful messages that will hopefully encourage teens to open up conversation about their own experiences.

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One Response to 13 Reasons Why Gone Viral

  1. sydhavely says:

    I can see why it sent viral. Recently one of my mountain buddies lost his 20-year old son to suicide. He came from a loving family and nurturing home. They saw trouble, tried to get him help, but last fall it happened and they lost him. Their pain is unspeakable, their loss a hole in their souls. Poignant post in all ways.

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