Risks of IoT


Image courtesy of thehackernews.com

It’s so exciting to learn about the new electronic innovations and technologies popping up in our world. According to the Huffington Post, there has been an huge growth in internet gadgets within the last year. Although technology brings entertainment and ease to our lives, we must be mindful of the risks associated with the Internet of Things.

  1. Learn about the types of security the software or internet device is using. Be especially careful of smaller, start-up tech companies that may not be able to afford the best security for the software or device.
  2. If the technology is being used to send and receive sensitive data, find out the level of encryption/security layer in the technology. Companies are not hack-proof, but there should be multi-level security systems to minimize hacking exposure.
  3. Research how the tech company is going to use, protect and share your information. This point is very important for AI  and voice-activated devices, such as Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa. These devices are programmed to learn more about you to make your life easier. They are also programmed to help other companies sell you things.

New Internet of Things technologies do assist us and offer us an easier and more organized life. In order to stay safe with the current technology, we need to research more how those technologies impact our safety and security.  By knowing some of the basic guidelines, you can make better decisions on your Internet of Things purchases.

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One Response to Risks of IoT

  1. sydhavely says:

    Well-balanced and well-written. And more to the point, a caveat to be highly considered in the age of IoT. Great post, Samantha.

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