Fly the friendly skies

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Let’s talk about the incident happened to United Airlines last Sunday. If anyone didn’t get to know the incident, here is a quote from NYtimes and video that was post on twitter about it. “A man on an overbooked United Airlines flight was forcibly removed from his seat and dragged through the aisle on Sunday, and video of the anguished protests by him and other passengers spread rapidly on Monday as people criticized the airline’s tactics. A police officer involved in the episode has been placed on leave, the authorities said.”

To be honest, I was horrified for this incident and more surprisingly, in the world of social network, the United Airline PR handled this situation really bad, they just apologize for their “we apologize for the overbook situation.”

And obviously, this is not satisfying for dragging someone off the plane in public, at least not in US not a large airplane company. and many people responded under this tweet.

Yes there are regulation for getting passenger off the plane if a plane is overbooked, but in this situation, as New York Times addresses “Another United employee told passengers that the plane would not leave until four people got off, Mr. Bridges said. The employee then specified that the airline had four United employees who needed to get to Louisville, he said.”. So  if “overbook” means to benefit their own employees, that is totally unacceptable. Then in social network, people are so furious about the bad service about United Airlines many more people came and tell their own experience. This is such a public relation crisis for United Airlines and they clearly underestimate the power of social network.

Here are more tweets about this incident.

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One Response to Fly the friendly skies

  1. sydhavely says:

    Indeed this was a dreadful to watch and experience episode of how not to run an airline. I agree with the re-write that the Twitter responder offered but of course UA’s lawyers would never have allowed that to go out. I don’t know who agreed to let the word “reaccommodate” stay but that is a huge understatement unless one defines reaccommodate to mean “remove forcefully.” Would this episode have gotten the same viral response before the Internet and social media? Hardly. Great and extremely timely post, Yu.

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