Twitter vs. Trump

The tweet shown above comes from the Twitter account named “ALT Immigration” which has dedicated it’s time to criticizing the President’s non-traditional work/life balance, and more specifically, the administration’s actions against undocumented immigrants. Check out the type of information that is getting tweeted…

This account is one of many so-called “rogue” accounts that have been created by government employees as an alternative to the beliefs, and values shared by the current administration.  Twitter wasn’t very happy when it received a summons by the government demanding for the name of the account holder. What Twitter saw was a clear violation of free speech. Therefore, they decided to sue.

I can understand why the administration views this person as a threat. If I were Trump, I wouldn’t want the twitterverse knowing how often I played golf in the past 80 days that I’ve been in office (~14 days) or have visited one of my properties (~28 days) which adds up to more than half the time (42) that I would have been in the White House!

If only the White House could run like a school. #SuspensionforPoorAttendance

Fortunately, the administration withdrew its summons and Twitter decided to drop the lawsuit. Now, if only Twitter could do the same about dropping @RealDonaldTrump.


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One Response to Twitter vs. Trump

  1. sydhavely says:

    I don’t think someone gives up their right of free speech if they accept government employment. I agree with you that Trump may have had issues with the ALT tweets but unless they’re false or malicious, I don’t see a problem and hopefully no retribution. Glad the government dropped its summons and Twitter its counter-suit. Timely and important post.

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