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Gather is a new social media platform that is growing quickly. It was started on the New Zealand based crowd funding site called Equitise and International site Seedrs. The company is based in Australia and is growing faster than Snapchat did. The app lets users interact with people who may not be in their normal social media network, but stimulates conversations.  Topics are user generated, time limited topics designed to keep the conversation flowing.

The mobile app resulted in over 12,000 new users in less than a month.  I think what gives this new platform so much potential is that it gives us the opportunity to share our real authentic self. Because we are friends which such a wide range of people on Facebook, we sensor our posts. Not everyone is like us online, and we post what we want people to perceive of who we are, but that doesn’t tell the whole story. On Gather, you can jump into conversations with like-minded people on topics that are most important to you, which I think adds a degree of authenticity. Additionally, you have the ability to start your own conversation, attracting people with similar interests to join.

I created a profile and did some browsing.  The above screenshots show an example of a conversation I dove further into.  Some cool features are that you can click on someone’s profile in the conversation, see what other topics they have been discussing, and you can reach out to them as a business, romantic, or friend relationship.

Here are some other features of the app:

  • The “Radar” can display people within 200ft of you that can interact and chat with them. This is perfect to contact someone nearby or to make a new one.
  • The Timeline allows you to keep track of friends that you make during and online gathering.
  • Privacy Settings allow you to control the people that can see and chat with you.

The app clearly has potential to build great connections online that can impact the way we live in an offline world. In a business setting, this app has the power to connect people at conferences and serve as a networking tool.  It also has potential to help spark friendships based on shared interests with people in your area. As the app did not start in the United States, but the tipping point may be close. I think my biggest hesitation here is that controversial ideas will not be discussed in a healthy way and could generate some interpersonal conflict.  Check out the app and join in on the conversation!

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One Response to Gather (Online) App

  1. sydhavely says:

    I like your post about Gather and its advantages but I have to tell you that since Mark Zuckerberg talked about Facebook’s ability to share “your authentic self,” your comment about Gather “giv[ing] us the opportunity to share our real authentic self” makes me wince since we talked so much about our many selves and how we present them, both publicly, privately, and otherwise, perhaps even subconsciously. I cannot explain or describe what my “authentic self” is,Facebook and Gather notwithstanding. Still, your post is apt and interesting for the reasons you mention.

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