Lose Lose Lose Situation

Since we have talked about video as one of the marketing strategy that is widely used by social media expert in different areas. I am hear to talk about YouTube video advertisement this week. As a huge fun of Youtube, I love the way youtube provide people with variety option of video and to share those videos with the world. Every time I need to fix something at home, I will look up videos from youtube and there will always be a great video waiting for me. In recent years, people started to find new ways to make money through youtube. That is digital advertisement, which is successful in anyways.


From Economist’s survey, the spending of advertisement on digital media have increased rapidly in recent years. Proving that doing digital advertisement to be profitable and efficient. However, due to the recent incident, many large including stalwarts such as Coca-Cola, at&t stoped their ads on youtube for this reason. Big companies would consider about their own reputation when they comes to controversial issues like this, so when they pulled their ads from youtube, youtube hurts. As for solution, Youtube is promising to introduce a new policy for monetization to control the advertisement from showing on hate speeches. However, many individual Youtubers said that “they had hundred of videos demonetized without warning. Given the amount of content that was demonetized, it’s hard for him to ascertain which of these videos break the guidelines.”


So what happened now? Big firms lost their ways to market their products through the best platform, YouTube lost profit from advertisement, and individual YouTubers got shut down due to the new policy. This is just a lose lose lose situation.

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One Response to Lose Lose Lose Situation

  1. sydhavely says:

    I’m sure they’ll find a fix or algorithm to spot the inappropriate ads like FB is doing.

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