IoT and the Garden of Eden Concept


Last Tuesday it was said in class the Internet of Things (IoT) is humanity’s attempt to get back to the Garden of Eden.   I thought about that for a while and on my long drive home played around with this idea… the idea of getting back to Eden.

The concept makes sense. The Garden of Eden has always been thought to be this bastion of pleasure. Pure ease, and no worries. I mean the inhabitants didn’t even wear clothes, talk about no pressure.

However the humans just couldn’t contain their curiosity and as a result were kicked out the Garden of Eden… thus giving full realization to the seven deadly sins as we know it.

So now I wonder… I wonder if this exploration, this new and exciting concept of the IoT isn’t so much an attempt to get back into the Garden of Eden as much its humanity’s seven deadly sins epitomized with Y2K technology? I wonder if migration to IoT isn’t just humanity further securing its existence outside of Eden?  I wonder if the expansion of IoT throughout the world will just mean humanity searching for and finding more and more data points…and endless thirst for knowledge.

As I understand it IoT is ability of items to communicate with one another.  To me it is really just a way to collect of data points, which really translates into the collection of knowledge. Regardless of whether this collection of knowledge is for good or evil…it just makes me think, couldn’t there be consequences to collecting all these data points?

Ultimately Adam and Eve were kicked out of the Garden of Eden for quenching their thirst for knowledge. I just wonder what, if any, dire consequences for humanity’s imminent total migration to the IoT there will be. Only time will tell.


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One Response to IoT and the Garden of Eden Concept

  1. sydhavely says:

    Right on, Syreeta. Great post.

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