For $5, I will…

5r many

Want to be a social media strategist, designer, programmer, writer, session musician, backup singer, coach, financial consultant, virtual assistant, or prankster … or just want to exercise your creative muscle in ways that your day job just doesn’t, can’t, or won’t allow?

Join the crowd at the gig site Fiverr where you can get the experience you want and need to enter a new job market or just make some extra money doing what you want to do.

Fiverr bills themselves as the world’s largest freelance services marketplace. It’s a global crowdsourcing platform that serves both doers and buyers — lean entrepreneurs on all sides of the transaction. Buyers purchase services for $5 and up. Sellers set their own rates. Fiverr takes a cut. The site boasts millions of gigs, 24-hour delivery, and 100,000+ sellers.

Definitely a disrupter.

Clayton Christensen describes how disruptive technologies change the value proposition in a market. They have attributes niche customers value. They’re typically “cheaper, smaller, simpler, and frequently more convenient to use.” They open new markets, and may ultimately take over older markets.

Starting a new business, and need a logo asap? One designer on Fiverr offers a basic logo for $5 in one day. Or, pay more: premium logo, 6 variation, source files, and social media kit for $120, delivered in two days. There are literally thousands of designers. You can check out their portfolios, services, ratings, reviews, price list, and how many jobs they have in queue. The talent pool and buyers are global.

According to Fiverr, a gig (service) is bought every 5 seconds. More than 25 million projects have been completed, and prices range from $5 – $10,000. Payment is released to the doer once the buyer approves. Customer satisfaction guaranteed.

The adage in the service industry used to be: PriceSpeed, or Quality: pick two. In the gig economy, there’s always someone who will give you all three.

Hmmm. Global talent, lots of choice, convenience, on demand turn time, and no salary, benefits, overtime, or rush charges to pay. Definitely a game changer.

Check out some of Fiverr’s success stories below, along with some critique.

Forbes: Check out How These 3 People Make 6 Figures A Year On Fiverr

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The New Yorker: The Gig Economy Celebrates Working Yourself To Death

The Next Web: Fiverr’s budget creative marketplace is now easier to navigate – but does it undermine professionals?

Fast Company: How Fiverr’s Founders are Creating an Online Marketplace for Freelance

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1 Response to For $5, I will…

  1. sydhavely says:

    Another form of disruption. Great post, Betsy.

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