Boss Woman


It seems appropriate to write about working women after Kristen Dudley’s talk last week. According to Tech Crunch, women in the technology field face a serious challenge to raise money for startups. Not only is this bad for women, but its bad for the tech industry because limiting female talent inhibits technology growth. Only about 10 percent of investor funding goes to women entrepreneurs.

If it wouldn’t be for brave women, like Dana Ward, co-founder of PreHeels, women wouldn’t have the courage to be creative in a male dominant entrepreneur field. Rather than receiving funding, Dana raised $25,000 in 24 hours on Kickstarter. Although PreHeels is not a technological product, Dana’s creation is an important example for women.

PreHeels a a clear aerosolized spray that helps prevent blisters by blocking friction in shoes. Dana’s product is featured in Allure, Cosmopolitan and Forbes, to name a few. The brand is active on social media and uses a refer a friend discount.

I was lucky enough to meet Dana Ward at the Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy dinner. Surrounded by successful men, I started the conversation with her by asking her what she does for a living. I’m so happy I did.


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One Response to Boss Woman

  1. sydhavely says:

    Great post, Sam. And thanks for referencing Kristin’s talk.

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