Which Ad Is More Effective?

When you see an ad of a Facebook page, which one will appeal to you more? A or b?

屏幕快照 2017-03-27 下午2.29.15

As we all would imagine, b would be a personalized advertisement. Usually, showing that a friend endorsed an ad is much more effective than an ad that shows the total number of endorsements because you would feel more connected under the former circumstance. Well, but why is that?

Just like the original intention of Facebook, which is to put offline social network online, everything online would have offline contexts to make it more real so that it can trigger more quality communications.

Think about what do we tend to talk about (Source: Grouped 2012).

  • We tend to talk about other people who are not present in the current conversation
    • “Who is doing what with whom; whether it’s a good or bad thing; who is in and who is out, and why…”
  • We share feelings, not facts, even when they are helpful facts
    • Sharing happens when emotions are stimulated
    • In particular, anxiety induces sharing
  • We talk about things that surround us
  • We share usefulness, topicality, prominence, positive valence and unexpectedness

We would like to be connected with people, and not be left out, as human beings are the product of the summation of all social relations. All the connections online are based on offline human social networks. Maybe if sociologists and psychologists are offered proper resources, they can make the best social media network ever.

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One Response to Which Ad Is More Effective?

  1. sydhavely says:

    Certainly agree. Great post. And I would bet Mark Zuckerberg is thinking that same thing, “How can we merge the public and the private on Facebook?”

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