How Important is Your Personal Brand?


When it comes to living on social media, consistency is one of the most important features one can have.  It allows you to easily tie in all different types of social media platforms available.  For example you can find me on almost any social media platform under the username Jaredcwood.

I really enjoy the essence of social media when used appropriately.  Everyone is going to have their own reasons to use social media.  Companies are going to use it to promote and sell whatever products and services they offer.  Non-profits may use it to build awareness around their cause.  I use it to promote an optimistic lifestyle. Simple.

The one thing I spent over a decade trying to obtain was  I made dozens of offers of hundreds of dollars to the owner of this domain but never heard back.  After doing some digging I was able to pull up how this domain was used dating back to to 2013.


As you can imagine I was a bit annoyed that the domain I was longing for was being used for a primarily text based website.  Here I am wanting to promote a positive lifestyle through my thoughts, photos, and videos but who am I to compare this site to one of my own.  Finally I just settled on and launched my site.  I was enjoying the engagement I was getting on my site but in the back of my mind I was always thinking, “But it’s not a .com”.

People reflect on their wedding or the brith of a child as the most memorable experiences of their lives.  On February 15, 2017 I finally understood how that felt, as the owner of had forgotten to re-subscribe as the owner of this domain and I captured it.

Did I feel bad? Not at all.  But the Dallas Cowboys lost their website twice in the last 15 years costing owner Jerry Jones a ton of money to get it back.  There is no chance I’m letting it go now.

But why was this so important to me?

I’ve always been interested in sharing my original content.  Photos, videos, thoughts, advice all of it has proved to be important to even a small population.  Websites like Facebook cloud our message with suggested ads and articles as your message shows up on people’s pages who might not want to see it.  No matter how small or large the population of people who support your message becomes, I know I’m building influence with my social media followers.  I have raw data to support that.  My personal website has over 2000 hits in the first 45 days which has also generated hundreds of new subscribers to my other social media accounts.

Is it an ego thing?  I don’t think so but I could see how you may perceive it that way.  But if you truly care about your message,  you’ll build the consistency to make it easier for your loyal followers to receive.  All major brands do this already.  Do you think the Dallas Cowboys were just going to give up and settle for  No chance…

I currently operate all of my social media accounts, including my website, completely for no profit.  In fact I pay out of pocket to help ensure my consistency.  It’s a proven corporate model that I’ve simply built into my personal life.  I’m not the first person to use this method and I certainly will not be the last.  I just that passionate about sharing my message.

How much does your personal brand mean to you?


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One Response to How Important is Your Personal Brand?

  1. sydhavely says:

    Gary Vaynerchuk would totally agree with you.

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