Crying Clown


As social media is merging into people’s lives, we use social media to post regular pictures of our daily life, post stories of our daily encounters, we have followers, hundreds of it even thousands. The change for nowadays is that — we don’t just tell stories that are really close to us, but we are showing our daily lives to hundreds of friends who might not even that close to us. In order to show the “better” self, we tend to behave differently in social media than our real life. For example, if I am facing some kind of unfair issues, I would complain to my close friends, get frustrated and move on. But to me it looks negative on social media, and that might let my “less close” friend think I am fragile. As the strong ego inside of me, I would post on social media to joke around and dig deeply into the issue I am facing. It might seems to everyone else that I am a person with deep thought and knowledge beyond my look. However, this person I presented is not the person I really am, and during this process, I blocked my true feeling to my close friends and avoid the effective way of problem solving. Not because I am a hypocrite, but because of the ego inside of me trying to show the positive view of the world. “In a series of five experiments, the authors illustrate the effects social networking has on individuals. Wilcox and Stephen’s main argument states that “people present a positive self-view to others” when online, leading to a increase in self-esteem and decrease in self-control.” The Hunffington Post illustrate more about this issue.

I bet there will be more people doing the same thing as I did on social media, and the true thinking behind it is far from a decisive conclusion. On the one hand social media changed people’s eagerness to be who they are, and that cause social media a fake network of friends since less people is being honest of what we think; on the other hand, people learnt how to present themselves to the public  in a more positive way than we used to be, and that is a really valuable thing in our life. So whether social media is good for us or bad for us? I have no answer to that. But I only know it makes me into a crying clown, a person hiding myself to others just want everyone to be happy and positive.

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