Soshee-Cute or Creepy?

One of the newest “enchanted objects” that will be coming to market is this Social Media Robot Dog, called the Soshee.  Soshee is taken to be a shortening of “social”, and is looks just like Mark Zuckerberg’s Hungarian Puli Dog.  Additionally, the breed was chosen because its fur covers all of the motors on the robot.  Unlike most dogs, however, this one  will sit at your desk and respond to your social media notifications.  There are 12 actions that can be used to differentiate the social media response, and the dog can also play music that is on your phone.  The idea came from Jason Buzi, who teamed up with John Nolan Studios in London, the same animatronic creator of Harry Potter and Pirates of the Caribbean.

It’s hard to know if these dogs will be a hit.  Are they sticky enough?  To be honest, I think they were going for cute, but these dogs seem a little creepy to me.  Also, the charge is only supposed to last for 2 hours.  The dog has to be paired with a phone to notify you of any social media updates, and will cost 169 dollars when it is released in the fall.  I wonder too what the marketing strategy will be and who will be most interested in the product: a working professional who sits at a desk all day, or a child who wants an expensive toy pet?

Here’s the NBC news clip on the dog:  NBC NEWS.  To pre-order your own, click here!


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One Response to Soshee-Cute or Creepy?

  1. sydhavely says:

    This is funny and no doubt the wave of a future but still it reminds me of a “robotic pet rock” which then reminds me of the scene in “Office Space” which was on again this weekend and which I watched (again):

    But if I were to pick a clip that reminded me of my own experience with a dog, it would be the Subaru Impreza commercial called “Moving Out”–

    Great post, Nikki.

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