Piercing the Bubble of Social Media Perfection

“Not everyone can live in the gym and not everyone will have abs after pregnancy.”

mia image.jpgI read an article this past weekend about a woman who is attempting to pierce the reality of social media perfection by chronicling her body’s journey of bouncing back after child birth. I admire her for putting out a realistic image of what a woman’s body goes through and generally looks like postpartum. I believe that social media has heavily contributed to creating an even more unrealistic, unattainable reality than what we’ve been faced with in the past. Before the age of Facebook and Instagram, normal women had images of celebrities bouncing back from pregnancy in a matter of weeks but that was a pill much easier to swallow as most understood the vast difference in their lives compared to those of a celebrity. Women recognized they did not have the same accessibility to nannies, personal trainers, chefs etc. to enable them to bounce back at a fast rate. With social media, women are now faced with constant images of other “real” women(and the help of filters and Photoshop) to compare themselves to and as a result makes new mothers feel more pressure to attain what is unrealistic for most. What many fail to recognize though is that those are also an exception to the rule. Every body is different and so is the journey during and after pregnancy. It’s women like Mia that are brave enough to show their struggles and their bodies, stretchmarks and all, that will allow others to feel less lonely, less self- loathing and sends a positive, healthy and realistic message.

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One Response to Piercing the Bubble of Social Media Perfection

  1. sydhavely says:

    I hope you are right. Great post, Regina.

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