From IoT to Blockchain

Shout out to great blogs about Internet of Things (IoT) from classmates. The whole system of IoT got me thinking about blockchain, as IoT helps to connect separate parts of making blockchain possible.

As one of the “hit” words recently, blockchain is still very controversial, but no matter what, we should know about it since it plays an important role in the technological revolution. It is essentially an online database that consists of different “blocks,” which gather plenty of information. All those blocks are linked back to previous ones, making every step of the “decentralization” transparent and not easy to modify. In this system, records could be stored, facts could be verified, and security would be guaranteed, as no one could cheat the system by editing records, mostly in the process of exchanging goods and services.

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Here is a brief introduction to blockchain by IBM Think Academy–

As mentioned in the video, we are living in an age of extensive information, mostly online. This network is vulnerable to errors, fraud, and misinterpretation. Thus, to simplify it, blockchain makes it possible for everyone to keep an eye on whatever is going on, and once a step of a transaction is completed, no one can ever change anything about that.

Well, this sounds like a good thing; we will have supervision of every detail on all kinds of ongoing transaction, and everything will be connected. But are we all going to monitor everything, even if we have time? Or are we willing to do so? The era of social media gives us channels to too many things, which almost wipes out the “mysteriousness” of the society. When everything is transparent, sure people would feel secure about what others do to them, but what if it is the other way around, are you willing to make yourself crystal clear in front of others? Absolute fairness is not to be found, as it does not exist. Maybe what I am talking here is not what blockchain is really about, but still, there seems to be a trend of everything going transparent. I absolutely support transparency, but I do think lives would be better if we only have necessary degrees of transparency.

And who knows, it could even lead to inefficiency, as everyone now has the power of constraining. In this case, do we need a background check of all people?

Let’s be positively discreet about all going transparently online; balance is and will be what matters.



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2 Responses to From IoT to Blockchain

  1. sydhavely says:

    This is a hugely important topic and potentially money-disrupting innovation. If it catches on, it could change currency as we know it. I agree with you but the blockchain concept and bitcoin are, for me, anyway, very hard concepts to get my head around. Great post, Angela.

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