What You Talking About Willis?

Over the weekend my best friend and I went to Chicago. Amongst getting to dine at awesome restaurants, munch on Garrett’s popcorn, and literally watch a river turn green for St. Patrick’s day… we learned something quite shocking.   We learned that the Sears Tower no longer exists…in name.

Apparently in 2009, The Willis Group Holdings purchased a good portion of the space within the Sears Tower along with the naming rights.   While I knew the Sears Tower existed I didn’t even know I was walking around in it until a video popped up explaining the name change. The iconic Sears Tower, an architectural wonder built in the 70s,…now no longer bares the name the world knew it as.  It was now The Willis Tower.

Chicagoans didn’t take lightly to the name change. Here are some things that they did and are still doing to show their protest:

  • Memes:


  • Online petitions:
    • People can go online and submit a petition to have Willis Tower change its name back to Sears.  This website gives updates to the petition as well as the number of people that have already submit/signed the petition for the name change.

I guess if the only protesting the Willis Group Holdings company is receiving is via social media, that’s better than the Trump Tower. For the Trump Tower there is talk of constructing 4 flying pig balloons that would sore in front Trump Tower to cover the TRUMP name. That’s kinda crazy!

One thing is for certain, those Chicagoans feel strongly about theirs names, whether spoken or visually displayed. Best of luck to Willis Towers as its been 7 years so far without major incident. The Trump Tower on the other hand… the bold lettering appeared on the Trump Tower building in 2014…. At year two (2016) there was talk of 4 flying pigs (to represent the four years of presidency)… luck wont be the only thing Trump tower needs to weather this branding storm.


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One Response to What You Talking About Willis?

  1. sydhavely says:

    What’s in a name? Great post, Syreeta. Quick story. A chemical company I used to work for had to drain a lake that had turtles in it. They decided to house the turtles in special tanks during the remediation that would be available to local school children’s field trips. When the lake was cleaned and refilled, they had NJ Governor Christine Whitman dedicate it and put the first turtle back in. She asked our turtle caregiver what the turtle’s name was before setting it in the lake and our turtle caregiver, without missing a beat, said, “Her name’s Betsy.” Betsy got the headline the next day and Gov. Whitman was second: “Betsy Returns Home With Gentle Hands of Gov. Whitman.”

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