We are the reporters!

How the world of news reporting is doing their work now?

The answer is simple: through social media.


I only lived 23 years in this world, but the world of new reporting changed a lot in these 23 years and I was able to witness the change of it alongside the development of technology. When I was a child, the main source of news reporting is newspaper, everyday people need to acquire their daily knowledge by looking at the newspaper. At that time, the more reliable source of news came from printing press, TV news stations was relatively new, not to mention social medias. As I grow up, more and more news reporting were obtained in TV news stations.


In 911, millions of people stayed in front of their TV and the power of news station was at its maximum influence. But look at nowadays, the major news report is being covered in social media platforms like twitter and Facebook. What is the world of news reporting now? Let’s take a look at the most recent news that everyone is interest in, which is the upcoming snow storm. When I tried to look for news coverage online, here is what I find: in CNN website, most of the news was based on citations of different people’s Instagram post and tweets, it seems that Instagram and twitter became the primary source that CNN is using, in New York Times, the format of news coverage follows the similar pattern. Twitter feeds and Instagram are primary came from official accounts like “NWSNewYorkNY” and Bill de Blasio who announced the public schools closed for Tuesday. 

However, to my surprise, many other tweets were cited from many people’s personal accounts. Seems to me those Tweets and Instagram posts aren’t being authorities enough for a serious news station like CNN.

But when social media has became the major source of news report, every single user online is a valuable source of information that large news station would consider important for their daily coverage. To think this way, back in days our actions might not be able to be on news report, but nowadays, it is more possibilities for daily social media users to participate in news reports!

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