Fan Theories on Social Media Could Narrate “Game of Thrones” Series Finale


Warning: This post contains spoiler alerts (maybe)

Here we are, impatiently awaiting the last season of the crazy popular HBO series Game of Thrones (GOT). This year, we have to wait 3 months longer than usual due to production logistics that has delayed the season 7 premiere until Summer. Meanwhile, the GOT’s subbreddits are all abuzz with the latest fan theories they hope to see come to fruition.

Last year, the writers of the show rewarded their die hard fanbase by breathing life into a much hyped fan theory during the finale that almost broke the internet. There were tweets, memes, and shares all spreading the word (like wildfire) that one of their most beloved characters was the offspring of the R + J = L theory!

GOT’s writers must have known that they had a big challenge ahead of them before writing the final season. How will they top the success of last season’s viral moments?

The show has now outpaced the author of the book who hasn’t even completed the final installment of his series. Will the writers of the show stay true to the author’s final vision or will they sacrifice book loyalty for online fan glory?

If you’re not watching Game of Thrones, I suggest you binge watch and catch up on the latest fan theories because it definitely enhances the viewer experience and you might just find yourself creating your own theories.


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1 Response to Fan Theories on Social Media Could Narrate “Game of Thrones” Series Finale

  1. sydhavely says:

    I get told that all the time by my biking friends, “You’ll love GOT.” Now I see why. Great post.

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