Pinterest Visual Discovery Connects Inspiration to Action


We’ve learned that for brands with the right application, no medium directs traffic and action better than Pinterest (a company that is six years old and yet has barely half the employee count of the far more infant Snap, Inc.) 

Throughout the years using Pinterest myself as an amateur home cook, bride, and frequent bridesmaid, I’ve noticed they have slowly but surely added in functionality. For example, on most recipes, instead of making you click on the link to take you to the recipe (which the originator might prefer), they list ingredients for you in the “pin,” list any food issues (gluten, etc.), serving size, etc. as well as provide similar meals options. Just last month, CEO Ben Silbermann announced three new tools that will step up functionality to an entirely new level. 

“Lens,” allows users to operate their phone camera to search on Pinterest (a photo of a clock, for example, can generate room decor ideas with similar clocks and different arrangements); “Shop the Look,” a new button on home and fashion “pins” that surfaces related items users can buy directly on Pinterest; and “Instant Ideas,” a new button in the home feed that will surface new, personalized pin recommendations in real-time while users scroll (tapping this button on a cookie pin, for example, will surface similar desert images and recipes.)”

I was surprised to see from this article in February that very few of the brands I consider to be “tech-savvy” have incorporated for example, the “Shop the Look” tool yet. I have noticed some style bloggers utilizing it but with this as a no brainer for retailers (as well as users) I look forward to seeing it launched widely, and to seeing what happens with apps that have tried to fill this space the last few years in the interim.

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1 Response to Pinterest Visual Discovery Connects Inspiration to Action

  1. sydhavely says:

    Absolutely. Pinterest is just beginning to realize its marketing potential. Great post.

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