New specs, who dis?


We know what spectacles are…eye catching sunglasses used to record first person perspective 10, 20 or 30 second circular videos and automatically post to Snapchat. So far, the glasses have been used to go behind the scenes at the Golden Globes and record a surgery. Now it’s time to discuss how these “live in the moment” glasses will affect the recruitment and employment world.

Recently, companies are experimenting with Snapchat to find top talent. Citibank Careers jumped on Snap Inc.’s Spectacles in early February of this year. Using Facebook and Twitter, current employees used Spectacles to show a day in the life as Management Associates at Citibank. It makes us wonder: could recruitment ask job searchers to submit 10 second videos of their days as a resume component? The Snapchat Spectacle video is not easily editable so it would bring out an authentic personality of the job searcher and help decide whether he would fit in the company culture.

This probably won’t happen for a while until it is reasonable for job searchers to obtain the technology. As for now, it’s back recording cute dog Snapchats for me.



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One Response to New specs, who dis?

  1. sydhavely says:

    Two blogs this week on Spectacles. Interesting…..

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