Is Social Media Altering Our Memory?


Is social media altering our memory? A recent study done by Cornell University says yes. Business Insider reports that the study determined that posting on social media increases your ability to recall an event. Other studies have shown that keeping a journal and writing down your experiences increases your memory, but this study takes it even further focusing on selective memory.

Facebook features such as On This Day and apps such as Timehop remind you of specific events that happened that day in previous years. This study suggests that these apps are creating your selective memory for you, influencing how you remember your experiences and ultimately how you view yourself.

Are these features really creating our selective memories? Since we’re more likely to share images and events that paint the picture we’re trying to portray, I’m happy to be selectively reminded of the selective memories I’ve chosen to share with the internet.

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One Response to Is Social Media Altering Our Memory?

  1. sydhavely says:

    You’ve touched on a significant topic. Would love to hear more.

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