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Our main story tonight is Last Week Tonight! Or as we like to call it, “Is it obvious the reason why I watch this show is to smile and laugh through the pain of the state of our country and also the world?” (If you read this in John Oliver’s voice, you get bonus points.)

John Oliver is back. And so are his hashtags!

The British comedian’s show, Last Week Tonight returned on February 12th on HBO. It seems that the showrunners and even Mr. Oliver himself love social media. They post an overwhelming majority of the thirty-minute program each week on their YouTube page, and fans look forward to the occasional hashtag featured by Mr. Oliver in the show (my personal favorite is whenever he does #insertsomethingthatisclearlynotfeminist #feminism). There is even a Reddit page dedicated to favorite hashtags from the show. During their hiatus between the second and third season, they left their Twitter account in the “capable hands of Gary, [their] interim social media intern.” Last season, he began a social media campaign meant to mock the leader of Chechnya who lost this cat entitled #FindKadyrovsCat #IsThisYourCat.


Is this your cat? #FindKadyrovsCatRetrieved from John Oliver’s Twitter Account.

Last season, John Oliver’s crowning social media achievement, in my opinion, was his episode dedicated to Trump, in which he implored fans to “Make Donald Drumpf Again,” #makedonalddrumpfagain referring to Trump’s original family name before it was “Americanized” to what it is today.You can even buy a “Make Donald Drumpf Again” hat! I’ve worn one. I can’t find the picture, but BELIEVE ME. They are the best hats in the world. Everyone says so.

Mr. Oliver has fostered a countless number of internet and social media based hi-jinks throughout Last Week Tonight’s history and has embraced the internet crowd; it follows that season four will be no exception. We can fully expect some social media antics.

Welcome Back, Mr. Oliver! Social media has missed you! And your hashtags!


Mr. Oliver, ending 2016 early on the last episode of Season 3. Retrieved from the Major League Soccer


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One Response to #WelcomeWelcomeWelcometoLastWeekTonight #ImJohnOliver #ThankYouSoMuchForJoiningUs

  1. sydhavely says:

    I love John Oliver. He is everything I love in British humor and caustic wit. Kind of like Monty Python with a message or John Cleese sitting at a desk. Welcome back, John. Keep the trenchant dialogues (or even diatribes) coming. The view from abroad (if Oliver’s tone and accent can be said to be European) is always welcome. Great post, Elizabeth.

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