Spectacles: Bringing Your Snapchats to Life


Courtesy of The Huffington Post

Snap Inc., the creators behind the beloved app, Snapchat, have created a new way for app users to experience the world.

The company released a product called “Spectacles“, which are glasses that Snapchat users can utilize to record videos and then upload those videos to the app. Originally, Spectacles were only available in pop-up vending machines around the world, but you can now buy them online.

How do they work? Users put the trendy looking glasses on, and when ready to record, they push a button on the side of the frames. When the button is pressed, a light turns on in the glasses to alert others that they are being recorded, and then the glasses record a 10-second video. Although 10-seconds seems like a very short amount of time, this is the allotted amount for all snapchat videos. Snapchat is meant to be a fast-paced, spur of the moment type of social media platform, and videos that are any longer than the allowed 10-seconds would take away from the purpose of the app.

What does the use of Spectacles mean for the social media world? Spectacles add a touch of humanness and reality back into the videos that people record. You can view any scenario from a first person point of view, as if you are literally their eyes and ears. This touches upon the idea that social media is designed to fulfill a social failure that cannot be solved offline. In this instance, Spectacles are meant to bring people together through a shared experience that, for the viewer, is more authentic than ever before.

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2 Responses to Spectacles: Bringing Your Snapchats to Life

  1. sydhavely says:

    Great post, Molly. Could you talk some more about this and how this ties in to Piskorski’s social media strategy addressing an offline social failure?

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