Grammy’s Weak Social Media Game


Justin Bieber, Kanye West and Drake each have nominations however they are not attending the Grammy’s this year.  They believe they are outdated, irrelevant as they do not represent them or what they believe in. Previous generations of musicians would consider it an honor just to be invited however they are just blowing it off.

They or someone from their teams had to submit their music to be considered for nomination so it is likely they had an alternate agenda.  That being said, they do have a point.  It does not take long to realize that the Grammy’s are not keeping up with the times and have a weak social media game.

The Super Bowl marketing teams did a great job and put together a list of all the social media handles in one central location.  While the Grammy’s have social media sites in place they did not provide a central location that had the handles of the musicians, advertisers, etc. This could have been an opportunity for them to increase viewership which ultimately allows them to increase revenue.

The Grammy’s had approximately 26+ million viewers which is about quarter of what the Super Bowl brings to the table. The average cost of a commercial during the Grammy’s was $952,000 in 2015 compared to $5M for the Super Bowl. So, on average the cable companies are charging about $1M per 25 Million viewers or $0.04 per viewer per commercial.

It appears that both the Grammy Foundation and CBS (covering the Grammy’s since 1973) realize this and are currently looking to hire a Social Media Coordinator and Social Media Manager, respectively, to assist with marketing.  It will be interesting to see if they step up their social media game next year to increase the viewership.  They just need to act quick because it will be 2018 before they know it.

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One Response to Grammy’s Weak Social Media Game

  1. sydhavely says:

    Indeed an issue for the Grammys. I found the same thing myself. Relevance. Can social media help, though? Great post.

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