‘Google’ and ‘Hashtag’

lavernecox“Everyone, please Google ‘Gavin Grimm.’ He’s going to the Supreme Court in March. Hashtag stand with Gavin,” Cox told the audience. Laverne Cox at the Grammy’s

Sunday at the Grammy’s stirred hearts and minds, whether — it was Adele’s acceptance speech after winning ‘album of the year’ over Beyonce; or Joy Villa’s MAGA dress; or the performance by A Tribe Called Quest with other artists denouncing Trump’s travel ban and bringing a women in hijab and other underrepresented community members on stage — viewers and artists alike used the power of social media to further seek solidarity and raise awareness.

The most poignant moment for me was when Laverne Cox asked attendees and viewers to google Gavin Grimm. I googled right away. Gavin Grimm, 17, came out as transgender his sophomore year and was banned from using the boys’ bathroom. He sued the school board in federal court and is now heading the Supreme Court. To read more about his case, check out with Washington Post article.

I, alongside millions of people, learned his name on Sunday night. Laverne was supposed to be a presenter for the Lady Gaga and Metallica performance and used the opportunity to bring visibility to an important issue, made even more vital by the uncertainty of how Trump’s administration will impact the LGBTQIA community. Once Laverne did get to introduce the act she signed off by acknowledging those outside of the gender binary, “Ladies and gentlemen and all my gender non-binary peeps tonight…”

Laverne’s message of exclusivity resonated even more than the message of diversity and unity that we saw during the Super Bowl. Laverne shifted our attention to a relevant and timely story of a person who is currently facing and fighting injustice and asking us to take action:  to “google” and “hashtag.” Two modern day tools used to arm oneself with knowledge, community, and power.

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One Response to ‘Google’ and ‘Hashtag’

  1. sydhavely says:

    Well done. And true.

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