Feeling the Grammys?

There have been a number of awards shows and speeches as of late speaking specifically to the political environment.   And while I thought I was going to write this blog about that obvious theme present during the Grammys…John Poppo’s speech made me remember another theme: Feelings.

Poppo talked about how music is a universal language. And while I agree with that, I think the underlining thing is that music, especially when performed, has an amazing ability to bring to one’s reference…a feeling.   Below are my top by 5 feelings experience while watching the Grammys:

  1. Nostalgia: The Prince Tribute for me was completely nostalgic. Prince had a unique way for making a guitar riff take you to a place of, exhilaration, lament, defeat and victory all in one riff. The tribute reminded me of several things, from my past and present. Prince was truly ‘The Artist’ and his music is still able to transport me back and forth through time all because of the chord stuck on guitar. Pretty deep.
  2. Awe: Seriously. Twins, Gold Crown, Gold Dress, Heels, and a Chair. The chair literally was pass 45 degrees, yet Queen Bey held her note and showed no fear of falling off of a leaning chair. I guess motherhood does that to you. My hat, my hair, my head is tipped to Beyoncé. Awestruck.
  3. Nervousness: James Corden is truly nerve racking to me. He himself even admits to amount of nerves he had prior to staring the show. The show starts and man literally fell down the steps and then performed a live rap…with one shoe. As he was falling down the stairs…I found myself nervous that he was going to injure himself or worse stand up forget whatever it was he rehearsed. Hats and shoe off to him.
  4. Moved:  Katy Perry. I know a couple of her songs but I wouldn’t say she is on my Tidal playlist…at least not until seeing her Grammy performance Sunday night. The imagery of the heightened fences, tornado and the words of the constitution were impressive and truly reflective of the political environment. To end her performance with her hands raised with a Marley and a Persist Armband yelling ‘No Hate!’, for me was pretty moving
  5. Joy: So I am a recent Bruno Mars fanatic. I don’t know why I waited so long. This 5 foot 2 man has sooooooooo much energy when he performs its hard not to feel it while listening to his music… especially seeing him perform live.   I know I am late to the Bruno Mars game… but his chords, his clothing (that was a leather sweatsuit!!!), his hair, his bubbly personality just make me feel…happy and excited.

While I know there are several other things to speak on regarding the Grammys, (like Adele’s acceptance speech for Album of the Year which pay homage to Beyoncé), the feelings  about the performances are what struck a cord to me the most. And while acceptance speeches did evoke feelings, they only did so with words, whereas the performances combined the visual expression intended of the words.   Which to me made their message have a lasting  and memorable impact.

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