The 59th Annual Grammy Awards: Your Age is Showing

Neil Diamond

The Grammy Awards is currently experiencing a big existential crisis with their consistent decline in viewership over the past few years, especially, among viewers aged 18-49. Although, the awards show did manage to at least maintain the same average rating as last year’s show due to the list of impressive A-list performers. But is it enough to solely rely on the acts to attract new viewers?

Producers of the show are fully aware of their lack of relevance to most viewers within the “coveted” age group. In an effort to remedy this crisis, the producers select a group of young artists with broad appeal to perform as an apparent tactic to attract younger viewers for higher ratings. The tactic isn’t working.

For years, many viewers watched the Grammy’s to see their favorite artists not only perform, but also be rewarded for their exceptional contribution to music in that given year.

However, there appears to now be a pattern of showcasing highly successful, and influential artists, but not rewarding them. Let’s use Beyoncé as an example. I am not sure about you but if my favorite artist is nominated over 20 times in the course of their career, and never manages to win in any of the 4 top categories EVER, I’d probably stop watching the show too, no matter how life changing her performances can be (I could always google or YouTube it the next day).

In fact, I’d probably start boycotting the show like Kanye West, Drake, Justin Bieber and their fans have done with this year’s show over the other big problem the Grammys can’t seem to escape from; racism. It definitely doesn’t help the Grammy Awards if 3 of the most successful and admired artists by the “coveted”  age group are not engaging with the show at all.

So, yes Grammy Awards you are old and racist. If you truly want to captivate a younger audience perhaps you should stop pushing away their pop icons like Beyoncé.

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1 Response to The 59th Annual Grammy Awards: Your Age is Showing

  1. sydhavely says:

    Seems to be the case, doesn’t it? Relevance. So easy to say, so hard to be. Great post.

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