LA Fashion Night 2.0

screen-shot-2017-02-13-at-4-03-26-pmFrom left, Cee Lo Green, Joy Villa and Girl Crush


Grammy Award night in recent years became more than then biggest night for musical world, it is also one of the most important night for the fashion industry. In yesterday’s Grammy Award, Adele won the biggest prize, but still, a lot of people’s attention are focused on celebrities’ wearing, and as I go through the top searches from Instagram this morning, there are more hit about their dresses than who is winning the awards. Brands like Tom Ford gained many attentions from the world since the host James Gorden was wearing their suits and Julia Carey was wearing their dress their last night.

It this the perfect time for fashion brands to use the red carpet as their advertisement opportunity to bring out their newest design to the world. No advertisement of a clothes brand can do better than a celebrity is wearing it and show to the entire world where tens of million viewers is watching at the same time.

Moreover, some celebrities makeups also bring fashion to the world, just a day after the grammy, many comments about the new trends these celebrities is bringing to the world is all over the internet. “See the 5 Biggest Beauty Trends From the Grammys 2017 Red Carpet” as the US magazine putted it, without doubt, the power to change the fashion world is definitely one of the biggest advantages grammy night can bring to us.

However, there are many celebrities are not represent and fashion brands, and all they want is to express their own understanding of fashion in front of the audience. “The fashion on the Grammys red carpet always gets a little weird. Remember Margaret Cho’s sheer peacock dress, Jennifer Lopez’s low-low-low-cut Versace dress (which, in retrospect, actually seems almost demure), and Nicki Minaj’s Little Red Riding Hood-like cape?This year had a few of its own unforgettable styles.”(New York Times) Styles those celebrities is wearing is not exactly fashion as defined, but definitely eye catching. For example Cee Lo Green arrived in an all-gold ensemble that inspired online comparisons to a Ferrero Rocher candy, not a fashion idea as I understand. But, that all right, at least he got the attention he wanted..

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One Response to LA Fashion Night 2.0

  1. sydhavely says:

    Fashion was big and maybe bigger than the music itself. Hard to say. I had difficulty with the awards. Seemed over the top without relevance. Great post.

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