ICYMI: Grammys Edition

I’ll be honest…I didn’t watch the Grammys. Luckily, I caught up on all the best moments through social media. I’m not a huge pop culture enthusiast, so I was happy to catch up with brief, funny moments I missed.

Although live updates were important, The Recording Academy posted numerous photos weeks leading up to the big night to increase publicity and spark excitement. Stars began to post exclusive Grammy action all weekend. I’m a Chrissy Teigen fan so it was hilarious to know her thoughts and view her photos through Twitter and Instagram. I was really interested on the outcome of her green Fun Dip fingers.

Snapchat joined in on the fun and took full advantage of Grammy coverage. In the Stories section of Snapchat, viewers can watch “The Most Daring Looks,” “Adele Did What,” and the GQ After Party. It was so easy to catch up on the most important Grammy moments by scrolling through Twitter and Snapchat the next morning. I’m so happy we have social media to read the “Spark Notes” of special events.


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One Response to ICYMI: Grammys Edition

  1. sydhavely says:

    I watched a lot of the Grammys but not all of it and did the same thing as you did the next day–looked at social media for a recap. I didn’t get a case of FOMO. Good post.

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