Chances Social Media Lead to His Success?


100%.  If you don’t know his name by name by now you should.  Chance the Rapper is one of today’s hottest artists.  His latest album “Coloring Book” just took home the grammy award for Best Rap Album.  What’s so unique about this is Coloring Book was only available via streaming services.

This is the first album EVER to be nominated let alone win a Grammy.  Streaming services today aren’t just simply for listening to music.  It’s a way to let others know what you’re listening to, find out what your friends are listening to, and find new music based on what you and your friends both like.  The limits are endless.  Streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music have done an amazing job building their services as social networks.

Just think of how much money his record label saved not having to press millions of albums to be distributed around the world.   That’s good because Chance is his own record label.  He is a completely “independent artist” who doesn’t rely on the multi million dollar record deals to dictate his course of action.

Without the network of a major label Chance and his local team rely heavily on social media platforms to keep his millions of fans up to date.  He’s got over 3 million twitter followers, 3.3 million followers on Instagram, 1.5 million fans on Facebook, and most importantly 300 Million plays on Spotify including 7.7 million active monthly listeners.   He is a trendsetter, even after earning 3 Grammy awards still plans on staying independent.  He has the recipe of talent and social media know-how to be successful in the music industry.

In June 1999 Napster took a huge bite out of the major music industry.  It wasn’t until the release of the iTunes Music Store that the industry started to see the profit arrows start to swing upward again.  Chance is the next Napster.

The music industry is going to have to pivot again or Chance is going to be the first of millions of artists to be independently successful.

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One Response to Chances Social Media Lead to His Success?

  1. sydhavely says:

    He made a big splash and was the focus of a lot of commentary about the relevance of the Grammys. He was new to me so I’ll be watching and listening as best I can for what happens. Great post, Jared.

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