Don’t Follow too Closely

social-stalkerThe country was not shy about sharing their thoughts around Super Bowl 2017 on social media. Forbes reports 2.7 million people shared 5.7 million posts using #superbowl between noon on Sunday and 1 pm Monday (EST). This count more than doubles when factoring in secondary hashtags including #superbowl2017. There was quite an active conversation around the game, advertisements, and half-time show.

However, not all social media users are this open and interactive. In this ad that ran during the Super Bowl, Cure Auto awkwardly addresses how some social media users passively consume content on social media and revealing this in real life doesn’t always translate well.

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One Response to Don’t Follow too Closely

  1. sydhavely says:

    Social media as stalking tool. A word to the wise. Great post, Lara.

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