#SB51 The Roundup

superbowl twitter.jpg

Super Bowl 51 made history on Sunday as the first game to go into overtime but it did not break any social media records. Although Twitter was slightly up from its 2016 numbers it was not able to break 2015’s record. According to Twitter, there were more than 27.6 million tweets using the hashtag #SB51 and Tom Brandy was the most talked about athlete on social with his incredible comeback in overtime as the most tweeted moment during the game, followed by Lady Gaga’s halftime show.

In terms of ads, there were themes of inclusion, immigration and multiculturalism which were seen by many viewers as a direct response to Trump’s executive orders restricting immigration and his calls for a wall along the Mexican border. Budweiser’s commercial which followed the path of one of the company’s co-founders, Adolphus Busch, as he immigrated from Germany to the United States is facing backlash for its pro-immigration ad, with a trending hashtag #boycottbudwiser.

Another trending ad before, during and after the game, 84 Lumber’s commercial that featured imagery of a Mexican mother and daughter on a journey north for a better life in the United States. The company deleted some scenes depicting a border wall but included the full ad on its website.

Pepsi won as the host of the halftime show featuring Lady Gaga with T-Mobile coming in as a close second, with ads including one featuring Justin Bieber. Verizon did not break into the top 10 most mentioned brands during the Super Bowl, but still took to Twitter to hit back against T-Mobile’s ads.

Still trending on Facebook, are the commercials for “Transformers: The Last Knight,” Airbnb’s #WeAccept campaignand “Pirates of the Caribbean”.

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One Response to #SB51 The Roundup

  1. sydhavely says:

    Great recap of the ads and what trended best. Question: what do you make of this and the themes vs. last year’s?

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