Meat Lady Gaga…

Any way you slice it, Lady Gaga hasn’t made it her practice on being silent about her political beliefs. In the picture above, the meat dress was used to spark conversation about the military Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy. The meat dress symbolized the dead bodies of soldiers expressing her view that the sexuality of a dead solider is not questioned nor should it be when the solider is living.

In one concert in 2010 she shouted to her audiences the concerns she had about an Arizona immigration law and the resulting racial profiling that was caused.  Outside of using her celebrity status to give voice to certain political concerns of hers, she has even used her gift of song to bring special attention to rape and sexual assault victims as shown in her performance of the song ‘Til It Happens to You’ at the 2016 Oscars for the movie Hunting Ground.

In regards to this recent presidential election, Lady Gaga very openly supported a petition that urged the electoral college to not elect Donald Trump as the next president.

She recently was even reported as having attended the 2017 Women’s March tweeting her love and support for the all that were out marching. So why is there a question on whether Lady Gaga will use this halftime show to speak to the current political state of the country?

A couple of right wing pundits have publicly advised that Lady Gaga’s halftime performance should be a-political. It should be about entertaining Americans not condemning people for the current state of politics.   On game day, Right wing Blaze member Tomi Lahren even placed a gif on her Twitter pleading for Lady Gaga to ‘Please Just Sing.’

Setting aside political beliefs, one would be foolish to think that Lady Gaga wouldn’t use this opportunity to convey a message to the captive American people. And even if Lady Gaga’s message is one of inclusion and love I cant help but wonder , if Lady Gaga’s performance might just be conveyed as another performance opposing the current administration. Given the current awards speeches, main stream media interviews and even SNL skits, there is now an expectation that every major performance will address the current state of politics.

Only thing we can do now is wait and watch what Lady Gaga will do. Heck it might even inspire President Trump to tweet in real time…I understand he will be watching the game. Let’s just watch to see if the tweet comes from his Android or his iPhone.

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One Response to Meat Lady Gaga…

  1. sydhavely says:

    Seems so, Syreeta. Insightful observations and well-written. Great blog.

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