How you’re getting so much more than a 30 second TV ad for your $5,000,000.

Super Bowl Sunday has come and gone once again.  One fanbase in tears the other in cheers.  Some don’t even pay much attention to the game and choose to use this opportunity to over indulge in wings, pizza, beer, and whatever else tickles their fancy.  Some even just watch the event for the commercials.  That’s right after decades of ad agencies finding new ways to get us to pay attention to ads, there is now a population of people go out of their way just to watch them willingly.

It all started with the booming popularity of the NFL.  This 78 BILLION dollar corporation wasn’t always as attractive as it is now.  But there is no doubt that the Super Bowl is the most watched TV event across the country.

This makes it a gold mind for companies like FOX, responsible for broadcasting the event in 2017.  Last year it was reported that over 111 Million viewers tuned in for the big game.  A company could purchase a 30 second spot last year for 4.5 million dollars.  That’s roughly $0.04 per viewer.  That sounds like a pretty great deal.

But we’re not purely reaching just the viewers watching the game.  Thanks to social media everyone is sharing opinions of what they think are the best commercials. Maybe some find them really funny, maybe some are really excited about the new trailer they watched, others the impact they have on a particular topic.  Point is people are talking about them.

According to Influence Central 78% of people are actively engaging in social media while watching this event.  So if this years numbers are anything like last years that means that almost 86 million people are digitally socializing about what they’re watching and it’d be near impossible to measure the impact and reach of those social networks. (For now)

This sparked a competition among the deep pocketed advertisers investing in these ads to come up with some of the most influential commercials that will create the most buzz around social media.  This concept blows my mind but the creativity it inspires is undeniable.

These companies are spending well more than the 5 million dollars it cost to get the ad spot to write, cast, and create these ads.

There was one company during Super Bowl 40 who took an entirely new approach to this.  Doritios.  Understanding the impact and influence of social media Doritios hosted a contest for anyone with access to a video camera and basic editing understanding to submit their own Super Bowl commercial, competing for a $10,000 cash prize and a trip to the Super Bowl.

Wait, what?  Can we step back and think about this for a minute.  Think about all I just mentioned about how much work and money goes into getting a final ad up and running.  Their 10 thousand dollar investment is paying for all of the creative work, building customer engagement, driving a TON of traffic to their website, and creating suspense all driven through a social media campaign.


So much so that Dorito’s continued this campaign for a decade.

Sure that 5 Million dollar sticker for a Super Bowl add seems pricey from the beginning but once your really understand how many people are watching and engaging with the events surrounding the Super Bowl, it’s not difficult to understand why these companies are all competing to have the most memorable ad.  Even more so how these companies will find ways like Doritos did to make their campaign so much more than a one day event.

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One Response to How you’re getting so much more than a 30 second TV ad for your $5,000,000.

  1. sydhavely says:

    Great post, Jared. And love that ad. Who hasn’t kind of tried this?

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