A city makes you love sport

I am a Patriots fan, so when I decided to close the live steam before the game ended yesterday, I didn’t hope Patriots could make such a great come back. Luckily, I reopened the live steam immediately when the score became 20-28 and witnessed one of the best football game victory  in the history. When White scored that last touchdown, my social network crazily exploded with hundreds of posts from my friends in Boston. Since most of my friends are from China, I didn’t think that they will be all watching super bowl and be excited about it. More importantly, I bet many female friends of mine who were watching the game definitely still confused about the rules of football! But I guess, this is the power of Boston, a city mysteriously turned people into sports’ fans.

I spent my four year college life in Boston, and I was influenced by the sport spirit of Boston instantly. It is the city that can make you  a sport fan no matter you like it or not. But in order to understand fully about the sport spirit of Boston, the movie Patriots Day is a must see. It tells about how people reacted during the Boston Marathon Bomb. As the New Yorker described the bombing’s significance: “There’s something particularly devastating about an attack on a marathon. It’s an epic event in which men and women appear almost superhuman. The winning men run for hours at a pace even normal fit people can only hold in a sprint. But it’s also so ordinary. It’s not held in a stadium or on a track.It’s held in the same streets everyone drives on and walks down. An attack on a marathon is, in some ways, more devastating than an attack on a stadium; you’re hitting something special but also something very quotidian.” I was a student when the bomb went off, and one of my friends was killed in the bombing, that was pretty devastating, but with friends around me, I knew there is nothing to be afraid of. The bonding formed during the most devastating moment is the strongest of all. I guess that was the moment when my friends and I started to bond with the sportsmanship with Boston. And this is why, people in Boston party the most whenever a trophy was brought to home.

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One Response to A city makes you love sport

  1. sydhavely says:

    Boston strong, Yu. No doubt about it. Great city. Great heart and soul.

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