Super Bowl Advertisements 101

According to Fortune Magazine, there’s only 4 steps to create a great Super Bowl advertisement.

  1. Creative and unique. For example, the 2013 Tide Miracle stain commercial that highlighted the 49ers and the Ravens playing in the game. This ad resonated with fans by becoming part of pop culture.
  2. Strategy matters. Advertisers need to have a an understanding of the target audience.
    Volkswagen used this technique for their 2014 commercial with a father and daughter relationship with a reliable car.
  3. Channels matter. Obviously it’s difficult to squeeze in a compelling and interesting commercial in 30 seconds. Sending the message across becomes easier by adding digital and social media buying before, during and after the game. During the 2016 Super Bowl, Honda took advantage of this technique with advertising the 2016 Ridgeline. This commercial sparked a social media buzz with a long lasted effect.
  4. Audience Matters. The Super Bowl has potential to reach up to 100 million customers during that 30 or 60 second time frame. Unfortunately for Nationwide in 2015, many viewers were offended with the commercial.

    Now you know the 4 steps, all you need is $5 million dollars for those 30 seconds of the limelight. li

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One Response to Super Bowl Advertisements 101

  1. sydhavely says:

    There’s a lot here and you make the reader want to know more about your take on this year’s Super Bowl ads.

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