Want To Be More “Catchy”?

The extremely controversial presidential election in 2016 has finally come to an end. In spite of all unexpectedness, this election was indeed a triumph for not only Mr. Trump but also the social media. In some way, for example, Twitter may have contributed a lot to Donald Trump’s winning, as he was good at making this tweets eye-catching. But how?

Until the end of 2016, statistics say that Trump has tweeted 221 times, which came from several platforms–iPhone, Android, and Twitter web client. Among all the tweets, 153 that were from the Android platform were considered coming directly from Trump himself.

Among the 153 tweets, 61% were negative, as Trump liked to criticize. What’s more, he often “set his mood” in an obvious way–ending his tweets with two to three strong yet simple words and exclamation marks. He knew his way to sway people subconsciously, no matter he made positive or negative tweets.


In social media like Twitter, where people usually do not post long paragraphs, strong and brief colloquial phrases with exclamation marks may help you draw audiences’ attention at a glimpse and even alter their sentiments at the moment they see certain signs of positive or negative expressions.

For instance, if I got a new haircut and posted it on Twitter, which one would you possibly buy more into? You might feel nothing about the first part of my tweet, which indicated that I got a new haircut. When you see that I feel “so great!” about it, however, you may feel a little bit more connected with me, and may even start to like my new haircut, regardless of what you might have thought about it before.

img_8901                                 img_8900

The other thing about Trump’s tweets is that he seems to congratulate himself a lot in this tweets, which makes it easier for some audiences to feel impressed, and then more connected with him.


Thus, if you want to make your social media, like Twitter, more catchy, try to use strong and brief phrases with exclamation marks at the end, try to be colloquial, and try to be congratulatory here and there, as we have already seen a “success” from, sadly, Mr. President.

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1 Response to Want To Be More “Catchy”?

  1. sydhavely says:

    Great post. Your analytics back up your claim that the president not only used a social platform to his credit but the type and use of exclamation points to drive home his sentiments. Plus your example of the girl who got a haircut. Totally true how the text along with the photo draws the reader in because you ask yourself, “what does she like about the haircut and do I think the same thing?” and then if she said who cut her hair, we have both the beginning of a social strategy for the haircutter and the girl who tweeted about it not to mention others who may feel the same way. Writ large, that’s what you’re saying Trump did. Absolutely, I believe. As they say in basketball, “all net.”

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