Pay Attention to the Signs

A car nearly missed slamming into the back of me because of my random complete stop on the highway. I was on Interstate 5 in California driving 70 maybe 80 miles per hour.  I was trying to get to San Ysidro, California by 9am for a work meeting when I saw the sign above while driving on the highway. My brain told my foot to break. In all of 60 nanoseconds, cars swerved, horns honked, middle fingers extended, f-bombs dropped and cars almost collided…all because I saw a pedestrian crossing sign in an unexpected place.

I was reminded of this experience this week when President Trump signed the Executive Order placing a temporary ban on people entering or returning to the US from specific countries.   And while I think people, including myself, were genuinely shocked I thought…were there not earlier signs that pointed to this?

In my story of the unexpected pedestrian crossing sign, I think back to what my circumstances were at that time:

  • I was on travel for work from DC and stationed in the southern California area.
  • I worked for US Customs and Border Protection.
  • I had heard numerous stories at work of how people risked life and sometimes limb (yes literal limbs) to enter into this country.
  • I had walked hallways at work lined with perfectly hung pictures actually capturing the exact moments of when agents and officers would discover a human body being smuggled into the US.
  • I had even heard of stories of people getting hit on major thruways crossing the border running to safe havens.

Yet when I saw the pedestrian crossing sign while driving down the highway in a border state, I behaved as though that sign was unexpected….Really?

This Executive Order banning specific individuals into the US is dangerous and scary. But can it be said this is a complete surprise? Just walking back through Trump’s campaign he spoke with conviction on border security.

Isn’t this Executive Order just Trump executing his promise? I mean one of his tweets was mocking Hillary stating she will keep US borders open.

Granted the execution this particular Trump campaign promise is highly controversially and potentially unconstitutional but it shouldn’t be said that there weren’t indicators of the likes of this action to occur. Even now, after the severe backlash from media, protestors and the courts, President Trump tweets:

I think back to that day on when I was driving on Interstate 5…it could have ended pretty horrifically all because of my reaction to a sign that I should have anticipated. People in the US and around the world need to open their eyes and pay attention to the signs both metaphorical and literal regarding this new administration.  The signs have and will continue to point to the direction the Trump administration is headed.

Whether you agree or disagree with Trump,  it is clear that these new Executive Orders are causing shockwaves throughout the US and the world. I urge everyone to keep your eyes and ears open and #StayWoke.

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One Response to Pay Attention to the Signs

  1. sydhavely says:

    Powerful post. Insightful and effective personal story about signs, their significance, and people’s perception and behavior as it relates to the president’s latest Executive Order. Well done. Plus balanced and thoughtful.

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