img_0476This Friday was Chinese New Year, during the Chinese new year, we inherit the tradition to send our best wishes and give pocket money to our loved ones. But during this New Year, one fake tweet  dominated major part of Chinese social media which is a Fake Tweet from Donald Trump which saying “All Universities should cancel the homework and exams for Chinese students to enjoy the Spring Festival”. Even though it was a funny tweet that aimed to cheer Chinese students who cannot return to home for Spring Festival, the main reason of selecting Donald Trump as the target implies  Trump’s enrmous influence is far beyond America social media platforms.


Back in 2012, when I first came to the United States for my college education, international friends around me didn’t care much about the re-election of president Obama, and certainly the reason was that US politics had little to do with our daily lives. Neverthelss , the 2016 election raised most of our concerns and almost every single one of my friends in the United States constantly follow up the president election. And I believe, the reason for us to pay attention on the presidential election is not candidate Clinton, but Donald Trump.

Trump news have been on every news website and on every social media’s top search list for the past 6 months. It is argued that Trump uses social network as his weapon and that attract many youth’s attention because like or not, young people post many opinions about Trump’s every move. The truth is that at the end of the campaign , Trump won everyone’s attention, and everything he said and did could always make  to the top of the searching list. Like FDR first used radio to express his policies 80 years ago, Donald Trump is the first president actively engage in social network and his endless exposure of personal opinions made him the president of United States. As a politician, his weapon is his tweet, and this gave him advantage to any attacks, as Washington Post said “Donald Trump’s embrace of conspiracy theories gives him a distinct political advantage that most traditional politicians have shied away from.” and I believe Trump will continue use social network as his advantage point to bring out his own opinions and express them to great majority of Americans.



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One Response to Commander-In-Tweet

  1. sydhavely says:

    Well done. Nice balance and interesting perspective. Good comparison with FDR’s use of radio. Same as Presidents Kennedy and Reagan with TV. They mastered the medium to their advantage as Trump is with Twitter.

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