Queen of Social Media Makes Her Return

Kim K, the queen of social media made her return in early January and as the New York Times put it “with an instructive lesson in image management and control of the personal narrative”.

Let’s face it, for all the criticism she and her family receive, the Kardashian machine is brilliant as marketers, image creators and utilizing social media to build their mega empire. Kim and her team are experts at knowing and understanding their brand, how to capture their audiences attention and create demand and interest in all things Kardashian. And the foundation of this lies in their social media presence.

For the months since the robbery that took place in Paris during  fall fashion week, Kim has been absent from all things social and the media has been packed with stories and speculations about what happened, how Kim is dealing with it, her mental health and the state of her marriage. Now, with a few Instagram photos, Kim took back control of her story line. She came back with a new look and feel to her social media presence. Gone are the naked, diamond filled selfies replaced with muted images that have a sort of 70’s feel which are intended to make her look less lavish and more down to earth. They are centered around her husband and children all seeming to be living in happy family bliss.

And just like that, the new Kim K is born and the public reaction is one of sympathy and love, response that is vastly different than the negative backlash she received after the robbery when the media was essentially saying that she deserved what happened to her because of oversharing of her opulent lifestyle. Everyone is back on the Kardashian train but what some are missing is that the oversharing is exactly what is happening here, calculated, as it always is, to get this exact response. A clever and strategic direct response to combat the negative press that she deserved what happed to her and the loss of some of her appeal in the public eye.

I say kudos Kimmy.

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One Response to Queen of Social Media Makes Her Return

  1. sydhavely says:

    Definitely worth watching. As you say, it seems as if nothing is left to chance with the Kim K machine, momma K notwithstanding. A social media phenom for sure.

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