How China Changes Internet

I guess I was wrong to jump into the conclusion that China killed Chinese Facebook(Ren ren) , and is messing up with the social network apps adapted from the western world. After watching this short video in New York Times, I started to realize how magically the Chinese application WeChat has brought our daily life into one single app. What dazzles people is not the way WeChat displays, but it is the concept, to integrate the entire social network into one single application, so that everything you do can be linked from one to another without switching back and forth, amazingly convenient.

Years ago, when I first came to the United States, I was impressed that I can only take a credit card and some cash to places without placing myself into awkward situations where I might run out of money. Back then, I have to bring loads of cash in China since it is inconvenient to pay by credit cards and many places failed to support credit card payments. But when I returned to China for Christmas, I was astonished to learn that all I need to go shopping is to bring my phone with apps installed in it. Almost every store accepted payment from WeChat because WeChat have a digital wallet that makes it possible to send money from friend to friend, just like Venmo, which helps me to make a payment like using Apple Pay. With money stored in our WeChat wallets, there is no need for me to bring cash anymore and life suddenly became even more engaged and handy with only one app. Like The Economist article says,  “Like most professionals on the mainland, her mother uses WeChat rather than e-mail to conduct much of her business.” Many of my friends opened small businesses on WeChat, since all of our social network is based on this app. The being said, friends would be able receive notice about the new business, which help owners to avoid heavy advertisement fee .

Yes, Chinese government filters out many western news and it might violate human right and many different kinds of rights, but on the other hand, the system promotes development of technology that makes internal integration, both economically and socially, unprecedentedly easy to achieve.

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1 Response to How China Changes Internet

  1. sydhavely says:

    Great post,Yu. The video rounds out your points so that the reader comes away with the same message you’re making in the lead sentence, i.e. that while China is in some ways Fortress China in technology, it is creating a very close replica of its main rivals worldwide and possibly taking them a step farther. Nicely done.

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