Make Social Media as Companies’ Eyes and Ears

As we mentioned so many examples in class, nowadays more and more companies prefer to use social media as one of their main products and services promotion platforms since it is more cost effective and efficient to attract consumers.

Companies always regard social media platforms as their mouthpieces, which is true. For consumers who follow the companies’ official social media accounts, they can easily get information about the products information, updates and comments. Also companies can keep in touch and even interact with their customers very conveniently through the social media platforms.

However, if the company wants to be more successful and make full use of the social media, focusing on the ‘mouthpiece’ function of the social media is far from enough. It is more important for the companies to make social media as their eyes and ears to grab the most valuable opportunities and information.

According to the article(Social Media as Eyes and Ears), when companies use social media as a mouthpiece, they are actually putting information into a rich pool of communication and data. So when making the social media as eyes and ears, the companies need to draw information out of the big pool and utilize them to make their businesses better. There are several approaches for companies to make the social media as their eyes and ears.

Firstly, monitoring customer reactions on your social media platforms. As a company, you provide tons of information, deals, coupons and new products introductions online to share with your customers. But it is more important to know the reactions and results of your share so that you can improve the way of sharing and make it more efficient and attractive. Users’ interactions, comments and data will tell you in the long term how to adjust your social media strategy.

Customers are always the most important part for all the companies’ social media campaign. Nowadays, customization becomes more and more popular. So learning more about your target demographic through their social media accounts, comments and daily interactions can make you know your customers better and then take initiative to deep your current customers and develop more potential customers.

Furthermore, you are not the only company in the industry. Competitors and the whole industry situation are also very important to the company. Instead of distributing news and information, you have to keep an eye on what your competitors’ social media strategies are and what the latest industry news that can be used by your company to attract more customers.

Delivering news and information on social media is one of the main tasks for the company, it is also important that the company can listen and watch consumers and other competitors to learn and improve itself all the time.



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