Never Enough Time In The Day


Of all the things I am interested in and all the new challenges in my life, a couple of overarching themes that impact whether anything gets done are time and money. There is never enough of it to get things done well.

From the novice to the elite, all of us feel there just isn’t/wasn’t enough time. It could be the reason some of us don’t require as much education as we need to further ourselves. The kids, the family structure, the full-time job all suck up considerable time and money. Education and knowledge are power and if one isn’t able to pursue it, then they could very well stay stagnant or somehow disadvantaged.

virtualassistantbannerMost people are obsessed with time, in a lot of cases, even more than money, which is why services are increasingly important. From Gal Friday services, to full-fledged virtual personal assistants, these services boast taking the mundanity and time-suckers out of life so a customer can better prioritize their lives and deal with critical things. Twitter has some fascinating ideas on how to do that for the business person. They offer a complete services of virtual assistants.  For an independent contractor, it seems to be a relatively low barrier to entry.  If you have a computer, paper, printer, great organizational, communication skills, and social media experience, then you just might have a job. That’s a win-win for both service-provider and entrepreneur, and a boon for society.

Another great service that would save people time is concierge services for the full-time professional, also low barrier to entry for the provider. Everything from baby/pet sitting/walking, being someone’s proxy in line at the DMV, grocery shopping, to being an escort for doctor visits and fuller subscription services, i.e., (cooking and cleaning). This would free up tons of time leaving people to enjoy their weekends and no doubt, minimize feelings of being overwhelmed.


If I could call up a driverless car, safely get me where I had to go, had a person to do all my mundane chores to upkeep my house and laundry, that would be perfect. All I would have to do with my free time is go to the gym, pamper myself, and concentrate on some lofty educational pursuit. Even though services would add up to some expense, it would be worth it. Someone already does my grocery shopping and gets me to work in the mornings. I can’t imagine suddenly having to do these things myself. How much would you spend to free your life and your mind?

Yes, I am a convenience buff, but I know I’m not alone.

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