Is social media starting to run our lives?

Social media and the world of filters has given many people the opportunity to change their looks, almost completely. Have you ever met someone in person that looks nothing like their photo online? Instagram is the biggest “filter” facing social media site right now, but there are also many apps that people use before they even use the Instagram filter.

Could filters be the reason for bullying? Filters are creating false pretenses of what people should look like. Do filters lead to more likes? Why do people feel like filters are necessary? Is it because media is creating this “ideal” image of what people should look like and the only way to get there is by filtering? These are many questions that people are asking.

What if Instagram removed their filter feature? Do you think as many people would use Instagram?

Filters are not just photo-shop filters, filters can also be fake lives that people portray online. An article that was written recently goes into more detail about this:

A 20-Something Girl’s Real Life Vs. Her Social Media Life, The Filter Is Real

I mean, I guess the real question is: is this going to get worse? What will the future look like if we keep creating false versions of ourselves? Social media is a powerful tool, but it also has to be used correctly. Creating something you are not simply by posting pictures and filtering happiness is only going to lead you to deeper issues. Is social media starting to run our lives?


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One Response to Is social media starting to run our lives?

  1. sydhavely says:

    Great post, Brittany. I think you have raised an important and significant sociological issue. Social media is the new front stage of our lives, akin to what sociologist Erving Goffman calls “the presentation of self in everyday life.” Nicely done.

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