Social Media Is Changing the Education System


Five years ago when I was still in college, the professor of communication seminar was a pioneer in using social media to teaching. He created online discussion and shared the video he took in the class. The class did enjoy the connection that we built both in class and off class and we found out that this connection helps us learn more than in the traditional classroom.

Social media change the way I learned and I think it can go beyond a few college classes and even be utilized in middle school and high school education. As we already notice the teens are heavy social media users. Using social media to get students involved in learning can be a good way to improve learning. Using social media to facilitate online discussion in day-to-day learning may encourage students to talk more about the study in the environment they are living every minute. Educators are catching up with this technology trend to enhance the quality of education, for example, using Facebook page for projects or online chat. Teenagers start to connect with other teens outside school through social media; it is time to incorporate teaching into the school. The classroom is not the physical concrete building anymore. It can be online learning platform, TED talk, coursera, or even social media. Online learning systems such as Blackboard and Moodle, are the global communities that help engage students with learning.

Social media can help build a strong school community as well. Traditionally, parents and the school could only be connected by paper news letter or parent-teacher meeting. With the social media, the school can communicate with families in more diverse ways. Administers can use school’s Facebook and twitter page to share information from class projects to lunch times. Parents can also communicate with the school in posts or tweet. Social media shortens the time for conveying information and increases mutual engagement. This is a very good example of how social media fixes the social failure and the implication can be very powerful to change the traditional education system.

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One Response to Social Media Is Changing the Education System

  1. sydhavely says:

    Indeed the potential for social media and education is huge. Nicely done.

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