How Nonprofit Organizations Around the World Use Social Media


Nowadays, social media becomes the powerful tool for raising awareness for social causes and charity events. Non-profit organizations have also adapted to the digital age and use technology to communicate with supporters and donors.

However, according to a report from Tech For Good and Public Interest Registry, there is a gap between the use of social platforms by nonprofits in Western nations and those in developing nations. Based on a survey of 2,780 nonprofits in 133 countries, 92 percent of nonprofits have a website and less than half maintain a regular blog. Nearly 80 percent of the respondents agreed that social media is effective for fundraising, but only 11 percent were able to employ either part-time or full-time social media managers and 15 percent depend on volunteers.

In addition, according to the report, 95 percent of the survey respondents have a Facebook page with smaller nonprofits averaging about 5,700 likes and larger nonprofits averaging just under 128,000. The report shows that 83 percent of nonprofits have a Twitter profile with an average of 3,332 followers for smaller organizations and about 66,000 for larger organizations.

According to a statement from Tech for Good founder Heather Mansfield:

There are myriad of digital tools available to Nonprofit Organizations around the world that can be used to engage the public. What we found in our research, however, is that economic and political factors and the quality of Internet infrastructure in each region affects how nonprofits use these tools and how donors in each region respond to them.

Among organizations in both African and Asian countries, less than 80 percent have a website, but more than 80 percent believe social is important for fundraising. By contrast more than 90 percent of nonprofits in Europe, Australia and North America have websites, and seem less dependent on social media for the purpose of fundraising.


Across the board three-fourths of nonprofits send out regular email updates. However, the email subscription lists are significantly lower for African and Asian organizations than those in Western countries. This trend follows on social media as well, with nonprofits in Africa averaging just over 4,300 Facebook likes, considerably lower than the 12,300 average Facebook likes for organizations in Asia.




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One Response to How Nonprofit Organizations Around the World Use Social Media

  1. sydhavely says:

    Excellent post and analysis. What do you think accounts for the incongruity between developed and developing nations’ non-profit organizations?

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