Dieselgate – A site is born

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Over the past month I have posted several blog posts around two issues I have been experiencing with Audi.  I am happy to say that one of my issues has been corrected.  It took 5 months and countless interactions for Audi to step up and fix my squeaky brakes. This other issue is still open.  I learned about the issue with my 3.0 TDI in Mid December and at first Audi committed to have a solution by March 24th, but that came and went. The U.S. government allowed Audi to have an extension until April 21st.   Now we all sit and wait to see if a solution will be satisfactory to the U.S. government.  Even if it is, will it be satisfactory to all of us TDI owners?

After not getting anywhere with interactions by phone, face to face or my first couple blogs, I decided to leverage twitter and facebook to see if that could bring resolution to my issues.  They definitely fixed the brake issue, but I don’t think a simple tweet or a post will be effective enough to make an impact for the Dieselgate issue.  Here was how I was able to get Audi to fix my brakes:

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 4.35.27 PM

Like I said, it worked for the brakes, but will not be impactful for the bigger Dieselgate issue.  For Dieselgate, I am taking a different approach.  I am creating a social media campaign comprised of a website, AudiLies, and other social channels.  This site is still in the works, and it will evolve over the next 10 days (the day Audi has its deadline) to get Audi’s attention.  I am hopeful that I will meet others that are part of the Dieselgate issue and we can collectively join forces to drive Audi to a solution that meets our needs.

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1 Response to Dieselgate – A site is born

  1. sydhavely says:

    You have taken on a corporate behemoth with a huge scandal, like a Damocles sword, hanging over its head. It would be like trying to get a website to go viral against BP during the Deepwater disaster in the gulf. The flames abound everywhere for Audi and VW. Keep trying.

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