Why Watermelon Explosion Won the Live


It is interesting to notice that more than 3.2 million people watch the watermelon explosion on the Facebook Live, a newly released feather that allows people to share the Live with audience.

The tedious watermelon explosion started with two workers in the suit warping rubber bands around a watermelon and waited for its explosion. This tedious video drew a lot of attention. People were counting the rubber bands under the comment sections. And one of them commented that “why am I sitting here watching this.” People were excited about the Live and they did not know why they were watching that. Did the Live solve and social failure? Maybe it gave people some ways to kill their time.

Moreover, it is interesting to notice that some famous celebrities did not win a large audience from the Live. However, this watermelon won.

Live is a great product and many Facebook users would like to use that. It provides us a direct way to get to know the people on Live. Live video now is among Facebook’s top initiatives. With the development of smartphones and the internet speed. People can do broadcast by using their own smartphones and everyone can be a director or themselves. In addition, Live video also provides ways for companies to promote their products. As a result, high-tech companies like Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter are developing their platform for Live.

However, why the tedious watermelon explosion won is still a question.

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One Response to Why Watermelon Explosion Won the Live

  1. sydhavely says:

    Nice post, Xiwen.

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